Say hello to one of the simplest and most beautiful Ubuntu derivatives featuring the Celestial desktop environment.
Introducing GALAX-E
Quick. Efficient. Beautiful.
GALAX-E showcases the efficient Ubuntu Operating System with a cleaner, more intuitive desktop. Stay focused with the simple yet elegant display.
Loaded with LibreOffice
Need to take care of a document or presentations? Well you're in luck! GALAX-E comes preinstalled with LibreOffice to take care of all your productivity needs and save them to all the popular formats such as DOCX and ODF.
Runs Windows Applications
Need to run a particular Windows Application? GALAX-E can handle most Windows programs with WINE software. Click on the link below to find out more about WINE and which programs you can run.
App Grid
GALAX-E is proud to sport the lightweight app market App Grid. This minimalistic yet stylish software center sports thousands of programs to choose from and provides user ratings and reviews.
GALAX-E is inherently more secure than most operating systems on the market due to the fact that it is built off the Linux Kernel. This kernel is a secure, open source, and community based projects with thousands of users modifying the code to be more secure every day.
This distribution is very new and is still wet behind the ears. Any ounce of support, criticism, or questions overall are very welcome and accepted. Feel free to click on the link below and leave us a comment on our FAQ and Comments page.
Input Welcome!
Free Forever
Regardless of whether Ubuntu is free or not, the GALAX-E team strongly believes that quality software should be free and publicly available. GALAX-E is and always will be free.
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